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The ANTS 5 Visual Studio menu is empty and disabled

Hi, I have both the ANTS Memory Profiler and Performance Profiler (versions 5) installed, and the included Visual Studio addin to go with them. What I find however is that after a few days following the product installation the addin menu "ANTS 5" somehow becomes disabled and when you right click on the toolbar, choose customise, then click on the "ANTS 5" menu you find it also contains no items.

If I re-install the ANTS products, the menu appears again correctly, but after a few days it becomes disabled again. When I last upgraded the version of the ANTS software the menu came back again too, but also became disabled again after several days. Re-installing the addin following the procedures found elseware on this site has no effect - the menu stays disabled.

Any ideas? I've got ANTS Memory Profiler standard edition, ANTS Performance Profiler, and Visual Studio 2008 9.0.30729.1 SP


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