Reversing a script

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I was unaware that the script the SQL Packager creates doesnt include the creation of the database... as such I just ran it and injected everything into the master database... is there anyway I can reverse this?



  • I'm afraid there isn't any way to undo the execution of the script.

    Your only options are to drop all the objects created on the master database, or to restore the master database from backup.

    The creation of the database is part of the SQL Packager executable, the scripts it creates are just for the schema and the data.

    Sorry I can;t be of more help.
  • Chris, thanks for the reply. What i ended up doing was using SQL Compare *wink* to compare the master database in question with the master database on another server... I figured the structure of them should be close... and it did the trick.

    I created a syncronization script to delete the things that didnt match.

    Thanks again!
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