Synching data between 2 databases

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Hi, I am currently researching about tools that can solve the following scenario:

>> There are 2 databases which are different but have common data, say A and B.
>> When the common data in A is modified/added/deleted, we want those data in B to be synched with those changes as well.

I was reading about this tool and wasn't sure if this tool has this functionality. If this is not the right tool, is there one by this company that does that?

Thank you very much.


  • Hi

    The current release of Data Compare will only allow you to compare the data between two databases that have the same table \ column names. There also has to be a unique index in the table so the data can be matched.

    We are currently working on version 4 and hope that additional features will be included that should help n you circumstance. Choose different tables and match columns with different names. We also hope to be able to just use a unique field rather than an index to match the data.

    Daniel Handley
    Red Gate Software Ltd
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