A few general SQL Compare questions

kasipkasip Posts: 5
1) When I run scripts in SSMS it doesn't matter if there is an error, execution will continue. How can I get the same behavior from the sql compare command line /sync option?

2) Is there a way to whitelist items for inclusion instead of just black listing them? An example would be when using the command line /include:User option, it includes everything else as well as users so its like /exclude is really the only option that matters. However if I try /exclude:ALL (which used to work for me on a older version of sql compare) I get ALL is not a valid option and when I explicitly /exclude every type of object (User, Role, Table, etc) then try to /include only the object I need Role, sql compare throws some kind of duplicate object error (EDIT - it doesnt throw it returns error code 63, even when i try /Include:Identical as indicated in the documentation).


  • 1) /options: NoTransactions

    2) Using /include:User should only compare the users. But if you are using the include dependencies option as well, then other dependent objects will be included. Maybe remove the IncludeDependencies option. (It is one of the default options.)
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