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Application crashing on snapshot

I trialed the mem profiler a few months ago, and it worked great (v5.1 I think). I just purchased the product (5.2 latest version), and now when I try to profile the same application, my application dies when I take a snapshot. The snapshot works with some of the views, but not the ones that I need to find problems with. The application is a WPF application built on .NET 3.5 SP1, running in Windows7.


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    We have the same issue with 5.2, but haven't tried 5.1, is it possible to get a download of a previous version, we would like to see if 5.1 would work for us.

    Kind Regards
    Jens Melgaard
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    I'm having the same issue here. I do my first snapshot right when Profiler starts running, but when I do the second snapshot, it throws the error:

    The snapshot failed because .NET did not report every referenced object. This failure is most likely due to a bug in version 2 of the CLR that can be triggered when the garbage collector is operating in 'server mode' and the target application has many large objects.You can work around this bug by manually switching your application to the workstation garbage collector. See the MSDN documentation on the gcServer configuration option for information on how to acheive this.
    at P.g(Object , EventArgs )
    at T.<>c__DisplayClass16.<backer_SnapshotCompleted>b__15()
    at O.b()
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