SQL Compare command line functionality.

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We have a Visual Basic 6.0 application that helps control the movement of projects from development to test and test to production. We want to incorporate SQL Compare's command line functionality into our process to handle database synchronization. If we install SQL Compare Developer Edition on one of our servers can we call the command line SQL Compare program from a client workstation via a UNC path (like \\SERVERNAME\ShareName\sqlcompare.exe) or a mapped drive? If so, what DLLs will need to be on the client workstation?



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    Hello Dustin,

    Any Toolkit project will need, at a minimum, the dll files that you referenceed in the project. So if you are comparing data, you'd need RedGate.SQLDataCompare.Engine.dll and for schema, you need RedGate.SQLCompare.Engine.dll. Additionally, you've probably used RedGate.SQL.Shared.dll for synchronizing schema or to add a StatusEventHandler to the project.

    If your assembly is unlicensed, then the RedGate.Licensing.Helper.dll and RedGate.Licensing.Client.dll are necessary to be able to throw up nag requesters.

    You may have a problem still, though, because .NET assemblies do not like to run over the network for security reasons. If you try to run \\server\share\myexe.exe across the network, this will most likely result in a JIT error. It's best to run the Toolkit application on the same computer as your VB6 application for security reasons.
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