Just look for missing rows

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I'm probably being ignorant and missing something here but can Data Compare just look for missing rows and not look at all data within the two tables being compared? So basically it would do a PK comparison and look for missing.

If not, how could this be recommended as a new feature.


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    Thanks for your post.

    There are a couple of ways that you could achieve this.

    1) The simplest, is to run a comparison and then on the results grid:
    - Right-click 'Exclude all different'
    - Right-click 'Exclude all Target'

    2) You could write a WHERE clause to put on each table. e.g.
    id not in (select id from db2.table)
    - This is done on the 'Tables & Views' Tab

    3) You could use the command line interface using the /include:Missing switch. (http://www.red-gate.com/supportcenter/C ... 700076.htm)

    I hope this is helpful.
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