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Email tests fine....

CowskiCowski Posts: 23 New member
edited February 12, 2010 6:39AM in SQL Monitor Previous Versions
...I receive my test email with no problems at all. I set it up to email me when I receive a deadlock. Since I've set it up I've received 8 deadlocks but not one email. The email in the "Send email to:" is the same one I tested with. (which may I remind you was successful) I applied all changes & still nothing.



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    Apologies for the issues you have encountered.

    SQL Response sends an email only when the alert is raised for the very first time. If the alert is not cleared then no further emails will be sent for that alert.

    Have you cleared deadlock alerts? If you have already done it and then also you don’t get email at the next occurrence of this alert then please send the Alert Repository log files to support@red-gate.com.

    You can access the log file by clicking on the top left hand icon/ system menu.

    Priya Sinha
    Project Manager
    Red Gate Software
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