Quetions and Problems with SQL Compare 8

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Hello All,

I inherited this tool kit at my new position.
I am trying to use SQL Compare 8 to identify changes in certain tables...

many questions and issues have come up

I have a list of 70 tables, I want to filter on them,
I do not see a way to copying and paste the whole list.
like maybe an in? instead of equals?

Some times the filter will not let me paste what i have selected in another window.

also I want to exclude column order changes, so if a column hasn't changed anything except order I don't want to see it...

DBMS is SQL 2005.

any help is much appreciated...

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Kevin Woodward


  • You can exclude column order changes by unchecking the 'Force Column Order' option in the options tab of the project configuration dialog (the one you get from Create Project or Edit Project).

    I don't believe there currently is a way to copy and paste the whole list using the GUI. If you have the Pro version, you could use the command line's 'include' switch to include just that list of tables, but that will only give you a command line report of the differences.

    If you can give an example of how to reproduce the problem with pasting from the filter (do you mean the 'new/edit filter' dialog, or the search box? If you're talking about the filter dialog, which text box within that?) we'll have a look at it.
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  • Hi Michelle,

    thanks for the quick response,

    I could not consitently paste the table name in my include filter for tables.
    I couldn't pin down the exact sequence of when paste would work.
    I was copying from a SSMS window, changing the operator to equals and pasting the table name into value.
    when not working, right clicking would show that paste was grayed out.
    it was very strange.
    I had better luck CUTTING the table name and pasting it, but I don't know if that was related at all since it was so inconsistent.

    I am using the tool on Windows 2008, I was also connecting to that box through remote desktop. Which I am sure complicates reproducing the issue.

    as far as getting the names into my filter, I ended up editing the filter xml file, that worked fairly well after a few attempts.

    As far as the table order, the force column order was not checked.
    The columns moved but there was also a new FK on all of them, which is why the difference was coming up. So ignroing FK's fixed that for me.


    Kevin Woodward
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