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Feature Request:Refresh DB List and Bug with DBs with spaces

Curtis YiuCurtis Yiu Posts: 3
edited June 20, 2005 1:20PM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
Hi... New to the forums, so please excuse me if these points have been addressed previously. I did a quick search and looked over the past year's posts, but didn't see anything addressing it.

The feature request I have (for both SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare) is to be able to refresh the database list for a server. As of right now, if I have either application open have already used it to synchronize a database on a particular server and then create a new database on that server using Enterprise Manager, the only way to get the new database to appear in SQL Compare is to close and restart the application.

I understand that the database list is probably cached and not refreshed for performance reasons, but is there a way to force a refresh of that list?

Secondly, the bug I've found is when using the "Launch SQL Query Analyzer with synchronization script" feature. I'm not sure if this is a Query Analyzer bug or a SQL Compare bug, but if I try to use this feature when the target database has spaces in its name, the launching of Query Analyzer fails as it doesn't look for a database with the full name, but only the first "word" of the name.

~Curtis Yiu


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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
    Thanks Curtis,

    The connection dialogues for all of the products are going to be enhanced in version 4 of the software. New SQL Servers should be properly detected in the next version.

    We will also fix the Query Analyzer bug.
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