Beta test add-on that enables Multiple Named Projects

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edited August 30, 2010 2:59PM in SQL Multi Script
We're putting the final touches on Multi Script Multiplier, an add-on to SQL Multi Script that *finally* enables you to name, save, recall, update, and launch as many projects as you like.

We need Beta testers starting the week of Feb. 8. If you want to participate, then please email me at [email protected] with a description of the amount of testing you will be able to do.


  • Adam,

    I am not sure if this has been ever asked or not but an SDK to allow MultiScript to genereate an ordered list from the XML. I have figured out teh XML structure and done this on my own, but an interface via command line or an SDK via com objects would be very nice feature for shops that are looking to completely automate there deploy process but don't want to generate a fully functional script processor. Something to this effect would be extremely helpful.

    Nathan Bell
    Sr. SQL DBA
    Morgan Stanley
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