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Great tool! I think I can probably stop using SQL HelpBuilder now!

The search seems to do an OR if you enter multiple search terms. Putting AND between the terms simply treats it as the word "and". Is there any way of doing an AND search?

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  • You sure you're describing it right? When I type in two strings it does an AND search. Such as "APPLE ORANGE" gets me all results where both apple and orange are in the metadata. However I can not get it to do an OR so that i get all results whether they have either APPLE or ORANGE.

    This would be a good feature to add since I need to be able to search for multiple hard coded numeric values, sometimes in the hundreds.
  • Yes, you're right - it won't do OR yet.

    Your only option is to do each search individually, and maybe copy and paste the results into excel if you need to aggregate them.

    Thanks for the request!

    David Atkinson
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    David Atkinson
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