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Newbie - recommended strategy for db and log backups

jimmykavjimmykav Posts: 4
edited February 3, 2010 1:33PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
Hi, I am new to SQL Server and its backup strategies. The database I wish to backup is set to the "Full" recovery model.

I am aware that unless the Transaction Log is backed up at regular intervals the size of this log will continue to grow over time. Therefore I would like to periodically reset the Transaction Log.

If I use the “Full” backup type in SQL Backup will the Transaction Log be backed up as well, thereby allowing SQL server to reset it?

Or must I run one “Full” backup job and follow that by a “Transaction log” backup?


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    If you are on SQL2005 or newer the log will not be fully backed up and therefore cleaned up if you run a Full backup. The Full will take enough of the transactions to make it fully recoverable. You must run a log backup to give you point in time recovery and to keep the log file space down.


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