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Most of the tables are missing during compare

dchow7dchow7 Posts: 4
edited June 15, 2005 2:54PM in SQL Compare Previous Versions

I dont' know what would cause such problem, 9 out of 10 tables in the database I'm comparing are not showing up for comparison. Only the dt_property table shows up. I tried to do a comparison between the same database and it's not showing anything else. Any ideas? I even downloaded the newest version of the SQLBundle today and still did not do anything.




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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1

    The only reason that the tables would not appear is if they're marked as System-type tables. Can you check Enterprise Manager and see if your tables have been given a system type as the result of some kind of error?

    Converselt, all of the dt_* tables (exc dtproperties for some reason) should be marked as system tables and NOT show up in SQL Compare. It sounds like the tables are marked backwards: system tables marked as user tables and vice versa.
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    HI Brian:

    I checked all the tables and all the ones created by us are under "user-type". dtproperties is actually marked as "system-type" along w/ all other sys..... tables.

    Any ideas? I can send you some screen shots, but I don't know how to attach files to this message board.


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    I meant to post this into the Sql Data Compare section. Is this ok?
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