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Profiler shows leaks on one machine but not another

LoopMLoopM Posts: 6
My coworker's machine shows no memory leaks for a given test case, whereas my machine shows leaks. He's tried running my exe on his machine...no leaks. I've tried running his exe on my machine...leaks. So that rules out different source code. We're both running version of the profiler. We're both following the same steps (we've even tried "driving" at the other's machine.) Any ideas on what could be causing this? I also tried commenting out all of the useless finalizers in the code in case it was a non-deterministic cleanup scenario, but the results were the same.


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    Chris.AllenChris.Allen Posts: 579
    edited August 1, 2017 12:41PM
    That is, like, so totally freaked up man. :smile: Could you please save the results for each session and send them over to support@red-gate.com

    We have some really freaky guys over here who will probably understand the problem :))
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    Oooh- one thing- since .Net Frameworks are (mostly) backwards-compatible, I wondered if could you be running the same assembly on different framework versions?
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    We got it figured out. The details contained in the memory profile eventually led us to find this WPF hotfix from Microsoft:


    which apparently had already been installed in some form or another on my colleague's machine. He had not explicitly installed this particular hotfix, but he may have installed other hot fixes. (Not sure how that works really. Are hotfixes cumulative? Oh well.) After installing the hotfix on my machine, the leaks are no longer being reported.

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