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Weighted List

Dear All,

I m using weighted list in one column named as 'Value' & i have give 10 items in list with 10% each & i m generating a 10 records in this table but after generation it still duplicate the list item rather than showing it once.

ANy suggestion?

Imran Merchant


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    I have sent you a PM requesting a screenshot of your settings to try and reproduce the behaviour you are seeing.
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    There is no guarantee that items in a weighted list will be unique. In your situation (all items weighted the same) they all have an equal chance of being generated for each row. Meaning that even if a value has been used it still has a chance to show up again.

    Weighted lists do not have the "Set Unique" option.

    I would suggest using the Regular Expression generator as follows:

    Check the "Set Unique" box
    Uncheck the "Allow null values" box
    In the text area for the regular expression type your values in parenthesis separated with pipes like so:

    That should do the trick.
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