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Is it not possible to keep a backup job if there are no databases associated to it?

I dropped a database yesterday and have this morning been reminded by the reports that the back up job needs updating. I opened SQL Backup( and edit the backup job. As it happens, at the moment, this database was the only one in the job and when I deselect the checkbox the Next button becomes disabled. It would appear that my only option is to delete the job. And then recreate it when I want to use the same schedule for another database in the future ...

Can someone confirm this is the case and that I am not missing something please?


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  • The Next button is disabled when no databases are selected as validation on the wizard. In this case (where you want to keep a job to be able to use the schedule in the future), it would be ideal to disable the job. This can be done within Management studio but not from within SQL Backup.

    We already have this feature logged SB-3077, so I'll add your use case to the enhancement request.

    Thanks for the feedback
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