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Extended SP Documentation

mrclodmrclod Posts: 60
edited January 25, 2010 5:59AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
I can only find stuff on the sqlbackup procedure. I have used sqbstatus, sqbmemory, sqbdir, but what might the rest be used for?

Can we have full documentation in the next release perhaps?




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    I am afraid that, as the extended stored procedures are hooks for the GUI and often change, we don't publically release the API. We do have the odd script which uses one of these APIs but we do not guarantee they will work between major versions. If you have any specific questions/needs, we will do our best to answer them.
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    Some of the extended stored procedures are for use by the UI and would not be directly useful. For example, the procedures containing the word 'test' are called by the compression analyser utility.

    Although they can be handy for support purposes I don't think they'll be fully detailed in the documentation.

    For reference:

    sqbdir : a file browser interface, e.g. sqbdir 'C:\' would return the contents of the C drive. Permissions used are those of the user logged into SQL Server. This is used by the UI for browsing the remote server over a SQL connection.
    sqbdata : SQL access to the activity history database.
    sqbutility : miscellaneous functions (some in documentation) such as error dumping, manual invocation of 'delete old backups' routine.



    Edit: looks like Linda beat me to it!
    Robin Anderson
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