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installing to a multi node (3 or more) cluster

edited January 20, 2010 12:13PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
on a multi node cluster i want to install a clustered sqlbackup instance for a clustered sql server instance. Out of the 3 nodes only 2 participate in the sql cluster instance i am installing for. So how does the installation work in this scenario?

do i need to install manually to the 2 nodes (and not the 3rd) and then configure the clustered sqlbackup instance manually as detailed in the help file?


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    Hi SQL_GUY,

    You can use the 'install to all nodes' feature and ignore the fact that it will attempt to install the service on the remaining node (installation on non-SQL nodes will fail if there is not a similarly named SQL instance present - but this shouldn't be a concern). This way, you'll get the benefit of the installer configuring the SQL Backup cluster resource entry. The cluster resource group will already be set previously (either by yourself or the SQL Server installer) to exclude the remaining node as a potential host for the contained resources.

    If you would prefer more control over the installation then please copy SQBServerSetup.exe to the active SQL handling node and install without 'install to all nodes' selected and follow as per the help file. Care should be taken to ensure that SQL Backup's data and log files are located on the SQL Server shared drive (you'll be prompted by the install wizard to confirm the location of these files).

    Robin Anderson
    Red-Gate Software
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