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I have problems trying to get the Test Tutorial: Web service Reference Added using the Project wizard.
On attempting to add the web reference:
http://localhost/ANTSLoadTutorialWebSer ... oyees.asmx
I get the following error:
"There was a problem adding the web reference:
Unable to compile Web References Expected class, delegate, enum, interface or struct."

On subsequent attempts to add, it tells me that the reference has already been added.

If I continue with the wizard and try to finish creation of the project i get the following exceptions:
Error creating project:
Unable to compile Web References Expected class, delegate, enum, interface or struct
at RedGate.Ants.ScriptLibrary.VsaWebReferences.d()
at RedGate.Ants.ScriptLibrary.VsaWebReferences.CompileWithChecK()
at RedGate.Ants.ScriptLibrary.Scenario.set_WebReferences(VsaWebReferences value)
at RedGate.Ants.ScriptLibrary.frmNewWizard.CreateProject()
at RedGate.Ants.ScriptLibrary.frmNewWizard.cmdFinish_Click(Object sender, EventsArgs e).

The web service is up and running and can be accessed by other applications -> browser/ proxy generated using wsdl.

The web service which I would eventually like to run tests against is written in using beta 2 framework...does ANTS support apps written in Asp.Net Beta 2?


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    Hello Nitin,

    I’ve encountered this problem before and I can say that at least for the example web application, it’s probably something to do with it being written in Framework 1.0 and the installation setting it up to specifically target Framework 1.0. Please try this:

    -Open a command prompt

    -Change to the Framework directory ‘cd %systemroot%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322’

    -Reinstall ASPNET for the virtual directory – ‘aspnet_regiis –sn W3SVC\1\Root\AntsLoadTutorialWebService’

    - Also do this for W3SVC/1/Root/ANTSLoadTutorialWebSite
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