One-way sync to Archive database, for ADD/UPDATE only?

jerryhungjerryhung Posts: 138
I am in need of designing an one-way replication/sync

Only wants to keep say 3 months of data in LiveDB
but 2 years of data in ArchiveDB

So I have to think of ways to sync from LiveDB -> ArchiveDB, for all
- NEW records
- UPDATED records (indicated by ModifyDate)

- but not DELETED records in LiveDB though (although our application never deletes data in LiveDB)

Is there a way to setup SDC8 project for this?
and later on use it in Command File

I haven't used SDC in a 1.5 years so I forget the whistles and bells it has

Most important part - the SDC8 cannot delete anything in ArchiveDB, but by definition a sync updates EVERYTHING...

- only concerned about DATA changes, not schema changes
Jerry Hung


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