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Feature request - Add filename into the SQBConverter output

jerryhungjerryhung Posts: 138
edited January 11, 2010 10:25AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
Right now I'm using the SQBConverter.exe in batch mode to uncompress SQB files for our developers
However it doesn't output the filename it converts, so when issues arise (such as out of disk space), I have difficulties to isolate which file failed
del *.bak

del output.log

@for %%s in (*.sqb) do ( echo "%%s" >> output.log) 

@for %%s in (*.sqb) do ( SQBConverter.exe "%%s" >> output.log) 

REM del *.sqb

Add filename into the SQBConverter.exe output

This makes debugging and logging much easier, thanks

For example, see the underlined lines for possible output
SQL Backup 6 to Microsoft Tape Format/SQL Backup 5 converter
Version, (c) Red Gate Software Ltd 2004 - 2009

Uncompressing "FULL_SERVER_DB_20100109_020001.sqb"

Progress 10%
Progress 20%
Progress 30%
Progress 40%
Progress 50%
Progress 60%
Progress 70%
Progress 80%
Progress 90%

MTF file created.
Created "FULL_SERVER_DB_20100109_020001.bak"
Jerry Hung
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