SQL Data Compare Report Formatting

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A couple of suggestions/questions for the formatting of the report...

I have a couple of lengthy table names (not my design) and on the printed report the last column ("Added") is cut off completely.

I would think that there should be a way to customize the report. Suggestions would be for adjusting of margins, shrink to fit, pick/choose which columns to print or not.

The addition of formatting for the columns that report the number of records ("Identical", "Different", "Missing", "Added") would be helpful. My example for this is the "Columns" column data runs into my "Identical" column data like this '29 columns from 30713960', where the 713960 is the number of identical records. I would think making the "Identical", "Different", "Missing", and "Added" columns data right-justified and adding a comma to it when necessary would be helpful to read. My example would now be: '29 columns from 30 713,960'.

Lastly, the export results works great but it would be nice to have a export results SUMMARY that could be imported into XL for a nice overview of what changed.

All in all I love this software, it has save me tons of time in doing major data comparisons. :D


  • Hi Tobsters

    Thanks for the comments. We are starting to work on the next versions of the products, in time for SQL 2005, and I will make sure the developers are aware of your ideas.

    Daniel Handley
    Red Gate Software Ltd
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