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Recenly, we moved out pdn server to a data center, my question is, when doinf the sync, if internet drops, will everything gets rolled back? thanks


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    any ideas? thanks
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    Thanks for your post.

    By default, SQL Data compare 8 will put the whole script in a single transaction. This means if there is any problem during the execution of the script the whole script will be rolled back.

    You can customise this, so there are two alternatives if you do not want the script in a single transaction.

    1) Set the project option 'Don't use transactions in the synchronization script'

    2) You can also set the 'Application option' to 'Split transactions' over a certain size. This will result in multiple transactions, so the complete sync cannot be rolled back entirely.

    I hope this helps.
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    so if I leave it as default, if internet drops during process, PDN site will get rolled back, correct?

    Not sure if this question makes sense, at what point, it will get rolled back? right after internet drops? thanks
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    That's right. As soon as the internet connection is lost, the sync' will fail and rollback.
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    thank you very much
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