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ANNOUNCEMENT: Red Gate SQL Bundle available!

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edited November 7, 2003 11:11AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
Red Gate Software is proud to announce the arrival of SQL Bundle 3.0

Cambridge UK, 15 October, 2003

We are pleased to announce the major upgrade to our award-winning SQL comparison and synchronization tool suite, Red Gate SQL Bundle, to version 3.0
SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare have been re-written from the ground-up using Microsoft's cutting-edge .NET technology to create faster, more robust software for comparing and synchronizing structure and data between two Microsoft SQL Server databases. Benchmark tests have proven that version 3 is up to 100 times faster than its predecessor, with significant improvements in the migration scripting and a completely new, more intuitive user interface.

Here are just some of the advantages of the new SQL Bundle:

SQL Compare
  • Improvements in the handling of very large databases
  • Fully supports SQL Server Extended Properties and full-text catalogs
  • Exports reporting of results to Microsoft Word
  • Migration scripts can now be executed from within the UI
  • SQL Compare will warn you of potential script problems before they're run
  • When SQL Compare detects script problems, it will suggest a solution
SQL Data Compare
  • Compares and synchronizes NTEXT, TEXT, IMAGE, and other binary data
  • Data viewer can display image data being compared
  • No more need for elevated server privileges to compare remote servers
  • Migration scripts can be run from the UI, saved, or exported to ISQL
Download a free, 14-day, fully-functional trial of Red Gate SQL Bundle today and find out why 60,000 database administrators rely on the industry leader to provide seamless schema and data synchronization capability!

The Red Gate Software team
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