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Is it possible to merge a differential backup into a full backup using SQLBackup? The reason I ask is that we have to keep 7 days of backups on disk. Using differentials, this means 1 full and 6 differentials. After day 7, I would like to merge the full and the oldest so I can keep on making only differentials. Without a "merge" function, we'd have to make another full and keep the old one for another week.


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    Hi there,

    As far as I am aware, this isn't possible. You do need to take another full backup and then the next 6 differentials.

    As a workaround, you may want to set up a scheduled job which copies the old backup files across to a network location, and which then also erases the old backup files on local disk thus ensuring you only ever have 7 backups on local disk.

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