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Can network copies be on a local drive ?

EricgagneEricgagne Posts: 8
edited December 31, 2009 10:10AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions

The server onto which I was pushing copies died and we had to put them somewhere else so I changed my jobs to use a local drive.

Backups are put in I:\SQLBackups and network copies are put in "E:\SQLBackup Copies". Since I did that the copies stopped being deleted automatically and I keep running out of space on my E: drive.

Does SQLBackup support using a local drive for "network copies" ? Could that be why the files aren't deleted ?

The strange thing is that I'm not getting any errors, the remote_erase flag seems to be ignored by the job, it looks like it's not even trying to delete since there's nothing in the log about this.

When I had the network copies on an actual network share, the logs would say:
Deleting I:\xxxxx
Deleting \\networkshare\xxxxxx

Since I started using the local E: I only see "Deleting I:\xxxxx" in the log, nothing about the copy.

Is it possible that SQLBackup can create copies on local drives but not delete them ?


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    peteypetey Posts: 2,358 New member
    You will need to use the ERASEFILES command. ERASEFILES_REMOTE only works on remote shares. Unfortunately, ERASEFILES will also apply the retention period to your primary backup folder.
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    Thanks for the reply Peter. I thought it was something like that since it stopped working when I changed from a shate to the E drive.

    There is a simple workaround however as it seems that what SQL Backup really needs for this to work is a UNC, but not necessarily on a remote machine.

    I changed "E:\SQL Backup Copies" to "\\ServerName\E$\SQL Backup Copies" in my job and it works fine now.
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