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hi all...
I am not having much idea on .net script .... After REcording the script . iam interested in Edit script.. but not able to understand such long script ..
Then i decided to go line by line ... Could any body help me the site or documents from which i get help from basics to expertlevel ..

any help would be appreciate.

Thanx in advance
Thanx in Advance,
zameer ahmed syed.


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    I'm soirry that the script language is giving you a bit of difficulty. The VSA environment, which features intellisense (auto-complete) technology, the help file (walk-throughs, example results and scripts), and other features make ANTS Load much easier to use than other products.

    In regard to scripting, there are only a few things that you need to pay attention to:
    • WebClient Class
    • HttpRequest Class
    • HttpResponse Class
    • VirtualClient Class

    The VirtualClient Class has a few important methods that you can see when you are in the script and type 'Me.'. There are functions that are important to the report, such as beginpage and endpage (group requests into one page for statistical purposes), LogToFile, etc.

    The WebClient class is the most important calss because it performs the actions to get web pages (WebClient.POST, WebClient.GET), but it also encompasses the HttpRequest and HttpResponse classes.

    ANTS Load works serially, so you would send a request, the the WebClient class reads the response, stores cookies, populates the ViewState, and measures the timings before it's ready to send another GET or POST request.

    The HttpRequest class allows you to construct the request, for instance, set up information about the user agent name, the protocol version, and add any post data that you want to send to the server.

    The HttpResponse class contains all of the information that the server sends back.

    For more information, have a look at the help file; do a search on the names of the calsses I've given and see what methods and properties are available for them.
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