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Could not map the file ... into memory

jaap.q42jaap.q42 Posts: 36 Bronze 2
I'm using the trial of the memory profiler 5, When I try to open a Class Reference Explorer I get the following exception:

Could not map the file 'C:\Users\jaap\AppData\Local\Red Gate\ANTS Memory Profiler 5\tmpd28_8cc4d4322b070b1_0_0.ampr' into memory.
at h.a(Boolean , Int64 )
at h.set_Size(Int64 value)
at bb.ReverseReferenceTable(IEnumerable`1 references)
at aX.FillReferencedByCache(ap cache)
at aN.EnsureReferenceCacheAvailable()
at aN.ObjectReferencedBy(Int32 objId)
at dx.<get_ReferencedBy>d__8.MoveNext()
at cM.<GetObjects>d__0.MoveNext()
at cp.a()
at cp.get_Categories()
at p.a(q , Boolean , NextStepOnPathDelegate , IObjectSet , DefaultGraphNodes , DefaultGraphEdges )
at p.c(q , DefaultGraphNodes , DefaultGraphEdges )
at p.b(q , DefaultGraphNodes , DefaultGraphEdges )
at p.a()
at p.b(Object , GenericEventArgs`1 )
at System.EventHandler`1.Invoke(Object sender, TEventArgs e)
at i.a(StateUpdateType )
at i.a(ControllerState )
at i.set_WorkflowStage(WorkflowStage value)
at RedGate.Memory.Controller.UIControllers.ClassListController.ClassListController.a(Object , GenericEventArgs`1 )
at S.<>c__DisplayClass9.<.ctor>b__1()
at O.b()

Caused by:

Memory mapped operation failed with error code 0x8


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