Performance problem database with many tables

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We have some databases with many tables. When comparing this database with a backup, it takes forever to retrieve the schema.
I think it should start with comparing no tables, so you can select the comparison tables/views yourself.
I am waiting for 45 minutes now, and nothing happens ('Retrieving schema / Registering database 0%').
And this is on a two quadcore server with 10 Gb of memory and Raid 5 disks.


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    After some time the GUI just exits with no message or event.
    I will try the commandline version now in which I will only include one table.
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    The commandline version also quits after some time without message or eventlog. It was busy 'registering databases' for some time.
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    Hi Timo,

    Unfortunately, the backup reader's performance is nowhere near what you get in SQL Server because it dumps pages and access them sequentially whereas SQL Server can randomly hit pages fast because it has a highly optimized database engine.

    If you compare only one table in the command-line application of Data Compare, then you still have to register the entire schemata of both databases.

    If this situation is not workable for you, you may want to just restore the backup to a test server and compare the live databases. The backup reader is mainly for when it's just to inconvenient to restore the databases. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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