ANTS Profiler starts with IE8 64-bit


I just noticed, that ANTS Profiles starts on my 64 bit computer with the 64-bit IE8. Unfortunately in the 64-bit version of IE8 the Silverlight plugins are not working. Is there any way to change this behavior? In my case the 32-bit version of IE8 should be started.

Unfortunately I need to be able to use the plugins as they are part of my business process. Without them I cannot go through the whole process ;)

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EDIT: For more information visit ... verlight-3


  • I assuming you are profiling IIS rather than Silverlight? (I guess so, as SL 3 doesn’t support profiling).

    In that case, the solution is easy: minimize the 64-bit IE that ANTS launches and launch your own copy of the 32-bit IE: you can just paste the URL from the 64-bit version. The IE window we pop up is only used to manage the session and show that profiling is happening.

    We will be adding functionality in future builds to specify the browser that's used.


  • Hi Stephen,

    Many thanks for your reply. Sometimes the solution is easier than expected ;)

    Kind regards,

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