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SQL 2005 Upgrade Advisor Errors

Randy DoubRandy Doub Posts: 26
edited December 17, 2009 2:37AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
I'm running SQL Backup on a sql200 box. I ran the SQL Server 2005 Upgrade Advisor and all the SQL Backup dlls came up in error with description "Use the full path to register extended stored procedure DLL names". Full description = "The DLLs that are listed in the report define extended stored procedures that have not been registered using the full path. These extended stored procedure will not work after upgrade because SQL Server will be unable to locate the DLLs. Use sp_dropextendedproc and sp_addextendedproc to drop and then register the DLLs with the full path."

Is this for real??? I couldn't find any other reference to this in the forum, but I can't believe no one runs the upgrade advisor. Has anyone seen this error message? Did you drop and add the extended procs? Am I going to have a problem with SQL Backup after doing an in-place upgrade from sql2000 to sql2005?


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    I raised this issue sometime ago with the SQL2008 Upgrade Advisor and Red gate haven't decided to fix it so far.

    I have used 5.1 thru 6.3 on SQL2005 and never had any problems but I have not upgraded from 2000 to 2005.

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    Hello All,
    I have a MSL 6030 Library with an LTO3 drive attached to it. This library is managed via Data Protector 6.0 which is installed on MS Server 2000. Network COnnection is 1.0 Gbps. All the backup performances are fine, all the patches are installed but I have a strange problem... We have SQL 2005 database on a 64 Bit Server 2003 System, which is about 300 GB size. When I install the DP agent on this server the first backup is very speedy, it takes about 2,5 hrs to complete. But next day, backup speed goes down tooo slow. about 1 MB/s. I've tried all settings and nothing changes. But when I remove and install the agent on the SQL server the first backup is normal again :-)) Isn't it strange? All the other Disk backups and Oracle backups are normal... There is no network problem between the two servers. When I copy a 300 MB file from SQL server to DP server it takes around 10 secs.. No CRC 's or other errors on the switch ports. The server configuration of the SQL is : 2x Quad Xeon DL580 G5, 16 GB ram, and all DB volumes are on EVA 4100 Storage.. So performance of the server can't have impact on this condition...What can cause this? I couldn't find any solution...
    Thanks for your help....
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    peteypetey Posts: 2,358 New member
    If you can reproduce this issue consistently after the first backup, you can try the following.

    - determine if it happens for all databases, or just that particular database
    - determine the system component that's causing the slow throughput. See this help topic for details. Basically, you need to run backups using the NOCOMPRESSWRITE and NOWRITE options on the affected database(s) and record the numbers. You should be able to determine if it's the disk read I/O, CPU or disk write I/O, or a combination of those components, that's the bottleneck.

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