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I'm having a strange issue where I cannot connect to my running repository. The service is running and I installed the client on the machine and verified that I could connect locally, however across the network did not work.

After attempting to connect again I got the error message saying that it could not connect to the machine, however the IP address it was using was incorrect. So after I manually put in the IP address into the text box labeled "Server where Alert Repository is installed:", it failed again saying it couldn't connect to the incorrect IP again! It wasn't even trying the IP that I put in the text box! What's wrong?


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    Images are worth a thousand words, here's a screen cap.

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    Can you confirm that the public card, i.e. the one that you are trying to connect to, is the top binding card.

    To find this, go to the machine that the alert repository is on and go to Network Connecitons > Advanced (along top menu bar) > Advanced Settings.

    SQL Response automatically looks for the top card, therefore if the card that you are connecting to isn't at the top then you will have issues.

    I hope this helps.
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    Yep, that fixed it. Maybe we can add to the list of changes for 2.0 that it will connect to the IP that resolves or the IP given instead of doing it's own thinking on the subject :?
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    If you have other services that are dependent on binding order, you can stop the service, change the binding order, start the service again then change the binding order back. everytime you reboot :D
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