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Exporting a table from a SQL database.

cchdpcyecchdpcye Posts: 3
edited December 8, 2009 11:50AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
I am new in SQL comming from VFP running SQL server 2005 and would like to export a table to a txt file. Any idea for how could this be done?



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    Depending what you mean by 'export a table to a txt file', there are two ways of doing it in SQL Compare:

    1) If you have the Pro verison, save the database as a script folder (or just create an empty script folder and synchronize the table you want across)

    2) Otherwise, compare the database to itself and generate an XML report from the Tools menu (Generate Comparison Results Report).

    You can also export creation SQL for single objects in SSMS - just find the object in the object browser and choose the option from the context menu.

    Note that neither of these methods will export the data, only the structure.
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    Thanks Michelle,
    I found a way to do so using the menu bar by right clicking while focusing on the database and select Tasks\Export Data the directions menus are explicit.
    Thanks for answering,
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