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I have projects setup in sql data compare 8 for a specific sql server for example: server1 compared with server 2 and i have several tables and fields manually mapped since the table names and field names are different in the servers.

Is there a way I can change the server that is being compared and not have to remap everything again?
compare server1 to newserver2?
newserver2 has the same tables as server2.

also the same for tables. compare table1 to table2. then compare table1 to newtable2 without remapping the fields.
newtable2 has the same fields as table2.



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    Hi there,

    I am afraid that this isn't possible with the tool, however can I suggest that as a workaround you set up all of your mappings and them save these as individual project files? This means that you should be able to come back to them at a later date, and providing there hasn't been any underlying schema changes, your mappings will still be kept in the project file.

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