SELECT alias capitalization issue.

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SSMS VERSION: v10.0.2531.0
OS VERSION: Windows 7 Enterprise x86

PROBLEM: Aliases in the SELECT portion of a statement are not capitalized appropriately. Capitalization of aliases in the WHERE and other portions of a statement is performed as expected.

Note: The following instructions assume at least "." is configured to insert suggested statements and that identifier brackets are enabled.

1) Enter the following code.

	[sys].[tables] T
	JOIN [sys].[columns] C ON
		[T].[object_id] = [C].[object_id]

2) Place your cursor on line 8, hit TAB, "t" and "." Notice the inserted "[T]."

3) Place your cursor on line 2, hit TAB, "t" and "." Notice the inserted "[t]."

The "t" inserted during step 3 should be capitalized.


  • I have noticed this as well, but have never nailed it down to just being a problem in the SELECT portion of the statement. Hopefully they will get this fixed in the next release.
  • Note: in the above example if you use the alias at line 2 first and leave it lower case, then when you use the alias at line 8 it is inserted as lower case, so the case appears to be coming from the first use of the alias, rather than where it should come from which is the definition of the alias.
  • You're right; I'd noticed that behavior as well but didn't want to confuse the issue lol... I'm hoping the simpler the problem, the more likely it is to be fixed.
  • Many thanks for bringing this to our attention. I have logged it as a bug in our tracking system with reference SP-2884. It will be looked at for the next release of SQL Prompt although we have no timescales for this at present.
  • It looks like this is fixed in the latest update, thanks!
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