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GUI bug

brosatobrosato Posts: 89 Bronze 2
edited December 3, 2009 11:05AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
This is going to be difficult to explain but here goes. I'm doing a point in time restore so there is 1 full, 1 diff, and several log backups that I select from a directory. When I go to the next step which is to select the destination database I want to create a new database but down in the filegroups and files section, there is no row to specify where to put the .mdf file. The section for the transaction log is there but not the other. This only does this if there are other files in the directory that I did not choose for the recovery like other logs or diffs. If I delete all the other files, it works properly. I'd post a screen shot but there is no way to upload an image.


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