Tolerance/Rounding issues in Comparing Decimal Values

mhj1977mhj1977 Posts: 2
Hi there,

Is this a way to allow a tolerance on the comparison of decimal values with SQL Data Compare 8?

For example, for a particular comparison key in my table/view, I have a comparison column which is defined in both DBs as decimal(28, 8 ). In one DB this columns value is 7343.50000000000 and in the other it is 7343.4999999999 - this obviously shows up as a difference in the comparison. Is there a way to set a tollerance (say +/- 1% or +/- 0.1) so that these rows are considered the same please?

Many thanks


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    I have checked and this has been logged in our tracking system as a feature request with reference SDC-206. About half a dozen other customers have requested this but, to date, we have no timescales or guarantee if/when it will be included. I have added your ticket reference and comments to the issue.
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