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No alert for insufficient disk space on write to share?

wclemmerwclemmer Posts: 4
edited December 2, 2009 12:24PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
This was on 6.2 and I just upgraded to 6.3, but I didn't see this issue addressed so I'm asking that it be added as a feature. My network folder got full, and the program did attempt and fail to copy the backup file to the share 10 times according to the log. The outcome column showed the backup was successful. In my opinion, it should show as a warning at the very least, with an appropriate error message in the properties. I can't be unique in that I only keep the latest backup on the server and my network folder is where I would look for anything older than a day. That little green check mark should mean that every part of the backup job succeeded.


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    And the partial backup is still there to! I have raised this as an issue that I am hoping will make it to the enxt version. If the backup fails because of space the partial backup should be removed.

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    I need to clarify. The backup worked. It was the copy to network that failed due to insufficient space. And it does indeed leave a zero byte file behind.
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