An error accurred during task "Copy Back"

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I am trying to copy data back to the Exchange server but I receive the above error.

If I expand the error it says:
Archive Servcie
An error accurred during task "Copy Back"
File doesnt`t exist for given guid.

No other errors are reported and if I check in the Maintenace window all services are connected and I can browse the URL for the User Archve Access Service and search for messages. I have also tried rebooting the server but no luck.

Any suggestions on what to try or what might cause the error?


  • Hi lvm-lvm,

    Is it possible that files from any Archive Store(s) have been deleted or an Archive Store copied and then archiving continued to the old one before the switch was made? If you could zip up your logs file folder and send it to [email protected] that would be great, you can find them here:

    %allusersprofile%\Application Data\Red Gate\Logs

    Please include this forum post in your e-mail.

    Matthew Flatt
    Redgate Foundry
  • The below suggestion fixed my problem. The cause of the problem may have been out antivirus software.

    Thanks for great support.

    "Thank you for the log files, it seems that an attachment is missing from one particular message in the Archive store. Could a virus scanner or similar got rid of something in the Archive Store? The following Archive Service patch will skip over any messages which can't be copied back and continue with the operation, please download and install the relevant one for your system and run your Copy Back again.


    Matthew Flatt

    [Edit]Please contact [email protected] if you require the patch.[/Edit]
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