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6.3 Differential Restore Failing

jreynoldsjreynolds Posts: 31
edited December 2, 2009 11:43AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
I have 6.3 installed on three different (physical) sql 2000 servers. I've never experienced this before using 6.2.

I've been attempting to restore a differential.
On page 1 of 4, it finds the full and diff on the disk no problem, check boxes, it - everything is a green check mark.
On page 2 of 4, I use the "NonOperational" radio button (restore with no recovery). Everything else goes smoothly.

It restores the full, and then gives the following errors:

SQL Error 5069: Alter Database statement failed.
SQL Error 927: Database "foo" cannot be opened. It is in the middle of a restore.

I went back and tried everything over again, but this time selecting "Operational" like I had in the past. Same error.

I've done this many times in the past with other databases with the 6.2 version. One other thing. I rebooted the server last week, and a differential restored perfectly doing this same thing. So I thought maybe it was part of the upgrade that didn't take until after the reboot. However, this proves that not to be the case.


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    I should add more...

    I realized (belatedly) that there is a server program which attempts to connect about once a minute to all databases on this sql server.

    I guess it's *possible* that in between the full and differential restore it somehow gets the connection and the diff then cannot be processed.

    However, this same thing happened on our other sql boxes, so I'm pretty sure this isn't it.
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    Thanks for all the info you have supplied.

    It seems that the reason you're having this problem with version 6.3 is because of a bug with the 'Kill existing Connections' option. If you don't use this option, your restore should work correctly.

    However, you will have to make sure yourself that there isn't any other connections to the database before you attempt the restore.

    I have logged this as a bug with SQL Backup 6.3, and it should hopefully be fixed in future release.

    For your reference the bug tracking code for the issue is SB-4446.

    Sorry you found this fault, but thanks for letting us know.
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