Schema name missing from CREATE PROCEDURE

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FIrst off, I love SQL Compare. Been using it for years. I came across something I haven't seen before and serached for answer but can't find it.

Here's a snipet of a compare script that was generated:

PRINT N'Creating [dbo].[Org_Insert]'

The problem is that the schema ("[dbo].") is not being added to the actual script command and SQL is assigning the new stored procedure to my logged in user schema and not to dbo. How can I make SQL Compare force the schema by including it in the command?

I want this:
PRINT N'Creating [dbo].[Org_Insert]'
CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[Org_Insert]


  • Hi there,

    I have tested this out myself, and you are right in the SQL Compare doesn't use the owner when creating the proc as you would like. I have added this as a request in our systems under SC-4569, and will hopefully be included in a future release of the tool.

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