gui vs commandline different behaviour

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I am evaluating sql compare 8.1 (professional)

I have a database to database comparison project and am using in it the gui and via the commandline line this

sqlcompare /project:xyz.scp

if xyz.scp is a database to database comparison project the results are what I expect. However, if xyz.scp is a project comparing a scripts folder to a database the gui gives me the differences that I am expecting, but the commandline gives me no differences.

Interestingly when I run the comparison with the /include:identical switch, I get a report including all the objects in the database apart from the ones that I know are different. They are not reported as different (<>) they are just not in the list

I want to use the commandline as I would like some level of automation syncing a database schema from scripts folder, any help much appreciated



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    sorry, scrub that, not sure what was going wrong but have since seen that whether comparing a database to a database or a scripts folder to a database the behaviour is the same in the sql compare gui and commandline
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