Field Suggestions That Start with a Number

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edited November 23, 2009 11:37AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
It would be nice if SQL Prompt would offer suggestions for fields that start with numbers when you start typing the field name even if you leave off the [.
  1 AS [1Field], 
  2 AS [2Field], 
  3 AS [3Field] 
INTO #Test; 

FROM #Test;

At this point if you get suggestions it will suggest the three fields, but you say type a 1 you get no suggestions. (If you type a [1 you get the correct suggestion.) It is especially annoying because it is showed but when you start typing is disappears.

Any chance that SQL Prompt can be updated to so that it will continue to suggest appropriate fields?


  • I see what you mean.

    I have logged this as a bug with SQL Prompt. Hopfully it will be addressed in a future version of the tool.

    For you reference, the bug tracking code for the issue is SP-2879.
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