memory profile...

ok, this will sound like a newbie question, since i have never used a profile before...
but i used the demo of ants for performance and it was good enough for me to understand it by those bars of how long the methods where taking to execute...

however, in the memory profile, i am not being able to discover what is going on... i have an application here that i pinpointed the prb to a single method in c# , if i comment that method, the app runs flawlessly , however, if i dont comment it (and it is necessary to me) my app keeps eating up memory 4 to 8k per second! and i dont have ANY idea of why the method does that, the only thing i know it is that it is stacked over and over, but in the end it goes back since it was stacked(i mean, a object calls this method, and that calls found another object inside the first object that calls the same method, and it goes on and on, but one day it goes back, after all , the app runs without prb but that memory loss)

how can i make ants show me that problem?

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  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member

    The idea behind memory profiling is to check the 'all classes' and compare the live count vs the total count. Then you can begin to see which classes of object are not being disposed, and try to find the details about each individual object in the all objects tab. There's no 'magic bullet', though, that will instantly show you the problem.
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