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Mixed language tracing with Express versions of Studio

I have a Windows Form application which has been written in C#. It consumes a dll that is written in JAVA. I wrote and built my application in C# Express and compiled the JAVA dll in J# Express. While I have the source code for both, ANTS Profiler only looks at the C# code.

Is there any way I can have it include the J# source code without moving up to VS 2005 yet?




  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    Hi Michael,

    Because ANTS Profiler is a managed-code profiler and directly contacts the Intermediate Language code in the runtime, it's programming language-agnostic. Theoretically it will work with everything from C# down to Pascal. I only say theoretically because I've never seen anyone use Pascal in .NET!

    I'd first check that your DLL is a debug dll and you have a symbols (PDB) file for it. Try changing the Profiler's settings to profile 'all methods' rather than 'methods with source' and then see what you get.
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