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Profiling my system while SSC starts up and I noticed a massive amount of DBCC PAGE commands being sent in. No worries - I figure gathering metadata information about objects. But then I stumbled across the 9 THOUSAND PLUS SQL Server Information errors clogging up my windows error log. Makes it hard to see useful stuff in there, plus it can cause wrapping where you lose messages you might otherwise want to keep around.

The messages were all DBCC TRACEON 3604, DBCC TRACEOFF 3604 pairs. Since it seems that this was done during start up and all on the same SPID even, just issue ONE DBCC TRACEON 3604 so you can capture the DBCC PAGE output, rip through your DBCC PAGE calls, then DBCC TRACEOFF 3604. Just 2 informational messages (and a LOT less database activity too, btw) instead of thousands. This should be a no-brainer, very-low-risk change to make too.
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