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SQL Compare command line dependencies

msuraskymsurasky Posts: 10

I'm trying to compare a database in a SIT environment with another database in the User Acceptance one.

The problem is that
1) This two networks do not talk to each-other and they never will (no connectivity between them is possible)
2) UAT environment is HIGHLY restricted when it comes the time to have software installed on it
3) The backups are huge so moving a backup across the wire for DB comparison sake is a no-no.

So, Schema Compare will not be able to do database compare (because of issue #1) and I can't use backups either (because of issue #3). I'm left with the possibility of using snapshots or Script Folders.

My problem now is that because of issue #2. I can't install a fully fledged version of SQL Compare 10 in UAT (sysadmins will never let me do that) but I'm thinking that maybe a downsized version containing only the minimal components allowing me to create a snapshot of the DB in UAT could be the way to go.

That's how I ended up with this question: Is it possible to install SQL Compare command line without the other SQL Compare components? does the command line have dependencies with the SQL Compare main software (the GUI and all the other software I will not be able to install) or is a standalone (xcopy) type of binary?

I highly doubt sqlcompare will work without the software installed, so if that is the case. Is there a way to create a snapshot or script folder without installing the software (or making a very minimal installation)?



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