Integrity check overdue Alert Not Updating Post DBCC CHECKDB

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I have a number of Integrity check overdue alerts that are showing ACTIVE even after I have verified that the DBCC CHECKDB (WITH TABLERESULTS) has been excuted and it was executed over an hour ago.

Based on my understanding of this ALERT it should be checked by SQL MOnitor continously at least often enough that after CHECKDB has been run the status of the ALERT should have been changed at least within an hour if not a few minutes.


I'm running SQL Monitor



  • The database integrity check metric runs every 1 minute by default. It works by checking the dbi_dbccLastKnownGood date field to find out if the last run was sooner than the configured alert threshold.

    So, on the limited information available I would guess that either:
    - the dbi_dbccLastKnownGood has not been updated
    - the default collection schedule has been changed
    - the metric that is checking dbi_dbccLastKnownGood is timing out or returning null or out of date information.

    Can you therefore send me the following information at [email protected] quoting the ticket reference number #13147 in the subject line.
    - The SQL Monitor error log files ... d=20743048
    - The Base Monitor configuration file
    found here: C:\ProgramData\Red Gate\SQL Monitor 4
    - The result of this query
    DBCC DBINFO (dbname)
    [don't forget to edit the dbname]
  • EdCardenEdCarden Posts: 114 Bronze 3
    @Chris Kelly,

    Apolagies for not replying sooner but this is not a high priority issue but something I do want to resolve. When I run the DBCC command you provided I get nothing back save for the message that the DBCC completed and if it printed any errors then contact the sys admin (there were no errors). Is that what you were exoecting it to return or should there be more thant that message?
  • Please can you send the requested information, including the log files to [email protected] unless you already have done so.
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