Problem building assembly with SA 6.8 (latest)

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While building the sources with SA, the following exception is raised:
SmartAssembly v6.8.0.121
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  Loading project tpserver.saproj
    Input=C:\Builds\5\ProductNavigator\TP Server V2.5-SP1\Binaries\Tideum.Pricing.Server.dll
    Output=C:\Builds\5\ProductNavigator\TP Server V2.5-SP1\Binaries\Tideum.Pricing.Server.dll
  System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: Der angegebene Schlüssel war nicht im Wörterbuch angegeben.
     bei System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.get_Item(TKey key)
     bei ‰..( )
     bei ...ctor( ,  ,  , Func`3 , TypeName , Boolean )
     bei Œ.€.( )
     bei Œ.€.( )
     bei ‰..()

Any hint how to fix this? Target is a DLL with custome error handler.



  • Hi Stephen!

    I think I've found an error report that you sent in for this and it's linked to issue SA-1109. I know two causes of this issue:

    -If you've given your custom error reporting DLL the same name as one of your main assembly's dependencies

    If this is the case, it should help if you just give the error reporting DLL a unique name.


    -If you are attempting to actually embed your custom error reporting DLL

    If this is the case, you actually don't need to embed or even reference the DLL at all. To use a custom error reporting DLL, you only need to enable error reporting on your assembly, choose the 'custom template' option, and browse to your template. Just as if you were using the standard template, no further code modification is needed :)

    Hope that helps!

    Jessica Ramos | Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

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  • Hello Jessica,

    removing the error reporting assembly from the list of used assemblies did the trick.

    A suggestion: The emails being send by your mail service might contain the information given by you as some kind of knowledge base entry.

    Thanks and regards
  • I'm glad to hear that helped! And thank you for the suggestion--I've gone ahead and added this info into the response email for SA-1109 error reports.

    Jessica Ramos | Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

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